Dedicated to those who know that not all waters are the same.
The purest oligomineral water is bottled with passion and respect for the environment and becomes Acqua Dolomia, so light and good that it is a real pleasure. At the table, in the family, in sport.


Attention to detail, taste for particular.
A philosophy that accompanied the company in choosing the name of the product, in creating the logo, and in defining the design of the bottles and labels.

The Name

Dolomite rock is among the main components of the mountain groups of the Dolomites. It is this rock that gave its name to Acqua Dolomia and from which it draws the precious elements that make it unique.

The Logo

A graphic sign that represents the balance and complementarity between rock and water. But also a symbol that recalls the hydrogeological basin that feeds the Acqua Dolomia spring, where the rock permeates the waters that have infiltrated deep down.

Attention to the Environment

A form of respect for the environment, man and water for present and future generations. For this reason, despite having an enormous quantity of potentially bottled water, its collection is limited to avoid increased traffic and pollution in the valley, a valuable place from an environmental point of view. Great attention to the environment also in the choice of packaging. The adoption of increasingly less impactful packaging and the identification of eco-compatible procedures are the choices that characterize Acqua Dolomia's strategies.