14 Giugno 2021

Dolomia water officially partners with The Best of Dubai 2021

Dolomia water has announced an exclusive partnership with The Best of Dubai 2021, supporting the gastronomic mission set by award-winning author Flavel Monteiro to showcase Dubai as one of the most prominent food capitals of the world, a unique dining destination and a true hub for outstanding homegrown culinary talents.


Following the announcement of Chef Middle East’s partnership with WG Magazine in The Best of Dubai 2021 earlier this year, it was to expect that Dolomia water becomes the official Water Sponsor for this fantastic culinary journey.

As part of its ambition to share one of Italy’s most precious natural treasures with the rest of the world, Dolomia water entered the Middle East market in 2014 and has kept growing its presence ever since, offering the regional HORECA sector with a unique bottled water solution, distinguishing itself for its extremely low sodium content, one of the lowest of all mineral waters. Dolomia water is the only mineral water in the world with its source within a UNESCO World Heritage site, Friulian Dolomites Natural Park in the Dolomite mountains, in the North-East of Italy.


Gilberto Zaina, CEO at Dolomia commented: “We’re extremely proud of our partnership with Best of Dubai which brings Dolomia water in close contact with professional chefs of great talents working in Dubai. This cooperation also provides a perfect opportunity to showcase Dolomia water internationally and demonstrate its unique characteristics and taste ideally suited to pair with the best gastronomic experiences. I would also like to express my gratitude to our long-term partner, Chef Middle East, for involving us in such a great initiative and for their incredible work in bringing Dolomia water on many restaurants and discerning home tables across the region.


The Middle East region is strategic for Dolomia water and represents 50% of its total export business. They are aiming at strengthening the presence in this important area not only in terms of sales numbers but also in terms of brand awareness and consumer loyalty. A strong presence in Dubai is extremely important for Dolomia water as it brings notoriety to the brand in Italy and helps building trust across the globe. The Best of Dubai is certainly an important opportunity to showcase their water in the high gastronomy circles – the beauty of Dolomia packaging along with its highest quality, unique features, and great taste is a tribute to the excellence of Nature.


Flavel Monteiro, Founder of WG Magazine adds: “As one of the best culinary destination in the world, The Best of Dubai: the Dining Experience showcases the home-grown chefs and restaurants who have changed the culinary landscape and take Dubai of a gastronomy journey. I believe in knowing the source and knowing what you are drinking and proud to collaborate with Dolomia, the mineral water with a difference.


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