The water of Serie A

After Imoco Volley, after Parma Calcio 1913… it’s basketball’s turn!

A sold-out stadium welcomed the Trieste-Cantù game played on Wednesday, June 12, for game 4 of the Serie A2 playoff finals.

With 9 wins and only one loss, Pallacanestro Trieste achieved the goal of promotion by defeating Acqua S. Bernardo Cantù 83-72.

A well-deserved return to Serie A for the biancorossi.

A source of pride for Acqua Dolomia, the Official Water Partner of the Trieste team, which, between handball, football, and now basketball, can boast of quenching the thirst of the most successful athletes in Italy.

And now?

It’s time to join the celebration…

The Pallacanestro Trieste players are expected at the event “One City, One Team, One Heart,” to meet their fans and celebrate this victory together.

Forza Trieste!