Dolomia Exclusive Sparkling 750 mL

The exclusive, original and beautiful packaging of Dolomia Exclusive Sparkling 750 mL was designed to bring style and elegance to high-end restaurant tables.
Its unique mineral composition, purity and natural alkalinity give Dolomia water an exceptional flavour that enhances the dining experience: it’s perfect for combining with fine wine and food.

Perfect for those who enjoy a strong effervescence, Dolomia Exclusive Sparkling water provides a pleasant freshness feeling to the palate. Dolomia sparkling water is a great accompaniment for all meals.                         

Due to its exceptional purity – the near-total absence of arsenic and nitrates – and due to the concentration of valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, essential for maintaining the body’s salt and water balance, Dolomia water is a perfect addition to diets for all age groups.

It is distinguished by its exceptional concentration of naturally dissolved oxygen (10.2 mg/L) and its naturally alkaline pH (8.0).