Dolomia Elegant Still 1 L

Dolomia Elegant Still 1 L combines the elegance and practicality required by the HORECA sector and by those who want high-quality water in attractive and refined packaging.

The elegant bottle, in strong PET, together with the unique and refined properties of the mineral water inside, make it the perfect size for the fast food sector.
As beautiful as glass, it enhances tables and improves the dining experience thanks to its excellent flavour, which comes from its unique mineral composition and natural alkalinity.

Due to its exceptional purity and concentration of valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, essential for maintaining the body’s salt and water balance, Dolomia water is the perfect addition to diets for all age groups.
It is distinguished by its exceptional concentration of naturally dissolved oxygen (10.2 mg/L) and its naturally alkaline pH (8.0).

Dolomia natural mineral water has been approved by the Italian Ministry of Health as 'suitable for the preparation of infant formula' (Italian Ministerial Decree D.M. 25.07.2008).