29 December 2017


DOLOMIA DAY | An experiential brand event to improve business was held in Shangai on December 4th.
Guests: restaurant and hospitality customers (dealer, chefs, restaurant owners, hotels head, media, wine related brand), to promote "healthy and welling" brand essence and product attribute.
The scene settings used the key elements - rock, plants and water - to tell the story of the source. In the location visitors had the opportunity to see the 3 product lines set in their main situations of use: Dolomia Exclusive on an elegant table in a restaurant, Dolomia Classic in a kitchen and Dolomia Elegant resting on a mat ready for a yoga lesson. There were three expert speakers: a dietician, a sommelier and a chef that told from their professional point of view the importance of drinking and choosing a spring water. In particular, the dietician in his speech highlighted the deep link between water and health. During the evening, the sommelier organized a water tasting workshop and the chef talked about the importance of choosing water, even for the water-food pairing. The guests, through a sensory and visual path, have experienced the organoleptic properties of  Dolomia water, highlighting its main characteristics: the purity thanks to the almost absence of nitrates and arsenic, the very low sodium content, alkalinity (pH 8.1) and the richness of noble minerals such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate.